We call it a CoMIT agreement. The concept behind it is very simple.

We augment your resources -- in any number of ways – by becoming your IT department to manage. Better yet, we can extend to you our tools, services, methodologies, and expert specialties. These are the things we’ve developed, bought, and mastered because IT is all we do.

Look at the 10 biggest reasons a CoMIT can supplement and complement your internal resources.

  1. Tools. Because we can amortize them over a broad set of customers, we’ve invested thousands in tools you probably don’t have -- nor could you afford. We can give you access to them.
  2. Best of both worlds. A CoMIT gives you the opportunity to optimize your strengths – and ours. Mix and match as you wish.
  3. Internal and external perspective. You know your company. We know the wide world of IT. Together, we make a compelling inside-outside match. We learn from each other.
  4. Bang for the buck. You get to focus your attention on getting things done where and how it matters most.
  5. Flexibility.You deploy us where you see fit. Want someone to handle Tier 1 desktop while you take care of the servers and network? We can do that. Or vice versa. It comes down to using us to help you deploy your internal resources how and where they matter most.
  6. Broad coverage. Unless you’re a giant corporation, it’s impossible for you to develop every expertise you need to maintain and improve your environment. Chances are we have it. If we don’t, we know where to find it.
  7. Professional development. We work with companies of all kinds. Quite naturally, we engage in a knowledge exchange. Under a CoMIT that mind meld becomes available to you.
  8. Low-hanging fruit. You know and we know it should be done. But somehow it never gets plucked – training, proper documentation, training. Think of us as the flexible way to catch up on routine, best practices.
  9. Transparency. Because of our systems, like our ticketing tools, we give you a ways to know what’s being done, when, and for how much time.
  10. Excellence. This is a partnership model that has twin goals – to make your IT department better and cost-effective.