What are the best technologies for employees to work from home?

Working from home (WFH) is becoming more common around the world. But it is only possible to work from home if you are equipped with the right tools and resources. We have gathered some tips and tools that you can use to help you work from home successfully.

We can help you implement these tips and tools for Work From Home staff:

  • Have you heard of Microsoft Teams? It's a collaboration tool that is already included in a Office 365 license. It allows you to stay connected to your peers through chats, voice calls and video conferences. (This is an essential tool that we use to stay connected when our employees work from home)
  • OneDrive and SharePoint are also great tools that are included in a Office 365 license. It allows you to collaborate with your peers on docs, sheets and power points or projects in real time.
  • If you don't have an Office 365 license don't worry a Remote Desktop Service can help you access your office based computer and network. This means you can access everything on your office computer without being in your office.
  • VoIP is a transparent system that can allow workers take their office phones home to easily answer calls from their direct office line. Or even better office calls can be redirected to cell phones. (Check this out if you're interested in VoIP)
  • Working from home can be a hackers lucky day. Make sure you use a VPN connection to protect your work.

If you are still using a Windows 7 operating system please understand that the system is no longer receiving patches or security updates. Which means your network is susceptible to hackers. Good news though we can help you upgrade to a newer operating system!

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