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Marketing, dealmaking, file-sharing. Considering that a majority of business is conducted over email, you should make them stand out.

As a certified Exclaimer partner, IT Total Care provides a centrally managed email signature, ExclaimerCaresm, solution that allows you to design and distribute professional-looking email signatures consistent with your company’s brand. Signatures are automatically generated for each employee using their Office 365 or Outlook information.

Don’t underestimate the impact of email signatures. With ExclaimerCaresm, you can streamline your corporate brand, promote your business, and increase email click-through rates.

IT Total Care’s ExclaimerCaresm managed email signatures enable businesses to:

  • Use Office 365 profile pictures in signature templates
  • Create legal disclaimers that will automatically be appended to all outgoing emails
  • Insert signatures in every message you send in an email chain
  • Automatically add signatures to emails sent from any device
  • Create highly targeted marketing campaigns
  • Add images and marketing banners under contact information
  • Include personalized social media links to all outgoing emails

Emails are an essential tool we use to foster business relationships and receive information daily. Usually at the end of each email people add a salutation or an email signature. These email signatures act as a digital business card and hold important contact information. Here are 4 reasons you need an email signature.

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