IT Total Care provides outsourced IT support and services to small and medium businesses.

IT has become crucial to any company of any size. The days are long gone for an ad hoc approach -- tending to the tech behind your company only when you need, as you need.

Instead, it requires strategy and planning. Reason: To make sure the money you've spent on hardware, software, and networks results in a gain instead of a drain. 

That's where we come in.

IT Total Care is a business, too. We've walked in your shoes. While we're techies, we're also experienced business pros. We're accustomed to watching our bottom line. When we partner with you, we look out for your company's health and wealth too, same as you do.

With that mission is mind,  we also offer assessment, strategy, and planning consulting services, including:

  • Business technology consulting
  • Business technology reviews
  • Vulnerability analyses
  • Executive-level reporting