IT Total Care provides outsourced IT support and services to small and medium businesses.

On the face of it, human resources might seem like the last place you'd think about IT. After all, it's the ultimate application of people skills not technical ones, right?


It fact IT plays a crucial role in any company's "people" processes.

When someone new joins the company, they need to be set-up with a computer, email, passwords, and access to key applications. When they leave, their system needs to be reclaimed and their access permissions closed.

A slow or incomplete response at either end risks productivity at best and your company's security at worst.

With IT Total Care as your business partner, you get the technical support and management you need to make sure people hit the ground running and remain productive on company time. What's more, we can help make sure your employees aren't misusing your systems and networks by streaming media and accessing sites they shouldn't.

Our HR-related business services include:

  • Tech-related onboarding and “off-boarding”
  • Password management
  • Access control
  • Social media and internet monitoring for acceptable use
  • Bandwidth monitoring