IT Total Care provides outsourced IT support and services to small and medium businesses.

It's a rising tide, and it can't be escaped. People are spending more and more time connected to their phones, computers, watches, cars, you name it. To reach them you need to be where they are. 

The requires digital marketing, and digital marketing requires a digital infrastructure. At IT Total Care, we offer several services to help small to mid-sized companies deploy the most modern means of getting them and their products in front their targeted markets and prospects. 

What's more, we've had to learn this stuff ourselves -- to reach you. So along with our outsourced IT support, we're also able to offer you the benefit of our own hard-earned expertise. 

Our portfolio of IT services to support and augment your digital marketing includes:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Managed website services
  • Website maintenance
  • Training and consulting
  • Social media services
  • Marketing analytics