Cloud applications or better known as SaaS (Software as a Service) applications need to be backed up. Most companies use cloud-based applications such as O365, SharePoint, OneDrive, or MS Exchange. All these applications are easily accessible since they are cloud based. What many people do not know is the loose security around cloud-based applications. Clouds are not backed up by anything which means your data can be easily lost, stolen, or accidentally deleted.

If your company uses any SaaS applications as any part of your daily operations and rely solely on a cloud as your “backup” it may be time for you to find a solution that is created to secure your data and back up your information safely.

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Why backing up data important how easy is it to lose data:

Backing up your SaaS applications is essential for any business that uses SaaS applications for their everyday operations. For example, if you use any O365 application (Mail, Teams, One Drive etc.) If there is not source of back up on these files or applications, you may not be able to continue your everyday business operations.

Common risks associated with SaaS applications:

You will not be able to predict when an employee may accidentally click a malware infested email or accidentally delete some important files. We also cannot predict when a company has a server outage that prevents you from accessing your files and data.

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