Do You Love Us as Much as We Love You? Then Help Us Do Well by Also Doing Good!

We could pay you for a referral.  Some independent IT companies do. But we think of ourselves like a healthcare provider does. The patient comes first. (You could say we've taken our own Hippocratic Oath -- but for IT.) Doctors don't pay for new patients. Neither will we.

  • Then again, we do want to offer you an incentive. So we've come up with this: When you give us a referral, we'll make a donation to Girls Who Code, which is devoted to closing the gender gap in tech.

As longtime denizens of the tech industry we can confirm it. For too long, we've failed to encourage girls to pick up science, tech, engineering, and math, aka STEM. We want to help change that. We'd like you to join us.

To underscore the sincerity of this offer, once you submit a qualified referral we'll go to the Girls Who Code donation page, where we'll submit the donation of $100 in your honor with your email address so you'll get a confirmation.

  • What makes a good referral for IT Total Care? Any owner, executive, or decision maker at a business with 10-100 PCs that needs the same kinds of services we've been offering you.

Thank you for referring us.

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