IT Support for Your San Francisco Bay Area Office

IT Total Care’s SmartHands™ support gives your remote office proactive and reactive IT assistance you can count on. We can monitor your remote office’s technology infrastructure to detect issues so we can fix them before they cause downtime, as well as provide reactive support that is only charged on a case-by-case basis. Both of these options prioritize your budget and your technology above all else and can be provided onsite or remotely.

Our highly trained technicians can handle a wide range of IT management and troubleshooting tasks. Smart Hands support frees your IT team for more important tasks and ensures you’re never stuck with a last-minute, unfamiliar computer repair guy nickel and diming you.

Our Smart Hands services include:

  • Onsite support as needed and/or as scheduled
  • Fast, accurate helpdesk
  • Network equipment management
  • Rack/stack reconfiguration
  • Coordination of equipment network requirements
  • Firewall setup and optimization
  • Software installation
  • Complex cable configurations
  • Equipment testing and troubleshooting
  • Remote network access

We have extensive experience in remote office IT support and are accountable for everything that we do. Let us show you how to minimize IT downtime, increase productivity, and save money.

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