An "On-Demand" Hourly Plan for Businesses

IT Total Care’s OpenCare™  service is  a highly flexible way to get support when and where it's needed -- with the added benefit getting a discount on our hourly rates.

Under it, you can purchase hours in increments of 25, 50, and 75. The more hours the bigger the discount -- to as much as 15 percent.

Then, when you need support, just call. It's like a savings account. Draw from it as you need -- to fix an issue, complete a project, upgrade, and more.

Another big advantage of pre-purchasing our OpenCare service is that we get to know you, your users, your company, and its IT infrastructure. When an incident occurs, you don't have to explain it all from scratch. It saves you time for focus on your business. It also allows us to respond that much more swiftly.

OpenCare is an especially smart investment for small but growing businesses that are planning ahead for their IT needs. It's a great way to have us along with you as you reach next plateaus that demand our ManagedCare™ or our Co-Managed IT plans.

Our OpenCare service includes:

  • On-demand support -- call or email for help as needed
  • Hourly discounts -- up to 15%
  • On-call IT support -- we're available 24/7 (although higher after-hours rates apply)
  • Onsite support as needed and/or as scheduled
  • Fast, accurate helpdesk
  • Use it for any IT issue -- PCs, networking, servers, upgrades, security, projects

We are extremely happy! Fantastic, competent and knowledgeable service!

Hubert G. Consulting and M & A Company