IT Total Care provides outsourced IT support and services to small and medium businesses.

We've seen it time and again.

A business owner fails to recognize the difference between a cost and an expense.

Even though every company faces an ever mounting number of viruses, hackers, and ransomware attacks, they think about security as an unnecessary expenditure. 

"That won't happen here," the tell us. "We're too small."

And then it does. 

It can be an "everyday disaster" -- a file with all the company passwords vanishes, forever to be lost. Or something calamitous does occur -- a server meltdown, a fire, an earthquake, or a rogue employee sets out for revenge.

That's when the expense turns into a catastrophic cost... Data, downtime, productivity, customers, sales, profits. Poof!

What would those losses cost you?

Our outsourced IT ManagedCare Security Services aim to detect and prevent disaster from striking -- from "everyday" to company-killing ones.

Our offering includes several components, including:

  • Vulnerability testing and monitoring
  • Email password protection and security
  • Antivirus protection
  • Cybersecurity training/best practices
  • Data security and backup
  • Business continuity

Let's talk about how we can protect your business from all the bad things than can happen to it.

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