Email has been the standard for business communication and continues to be an essential part of growing and maintaining business relationships. Having a personalized email signature may seem unnecessary, but the truth is that it is as important as the content and subject line of the email itself. Here are 4 reasons why you need to have an email signature. 


Branding- This is the most basic purpose of having an email signature. Within the company space, this demonstrates a level of formality and professionalism that is to be expected. It also serves as a place to put titles, phone numbers, and other important information that may be relevant to the office. In addition to interoffice communication, for outside email campaigns or to prospective customers, this also creates brand association and awareness. Having a signature demonstrates to your customer that you are indeed a member of the company instead of just an outside communication. 


Digital Business Card- The little 3.5x2 inch cards that used to be a staple in people’s wallets are rarely seen nowadays. However, your email signature is a part of every email that you send out and is applied to the email directly. This provides an initiation point for further communication, essential to growing your business. 


Identification- Many consumers are worried that they may not be speaking directly to members of the company. Having a personalized email signature eliminates that concern since your team is being marketed as a member of your company. Adding a photograph is another way to humanize the experience. 


Extending Branches- While this may not be a part of your office signature, when it comes to email campaigns always be sure to link not just to your website but also your social media. Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and other platforms will now be easily accessible to your customers. 


Creating your personalized email signatures is something that is a part of our IT solutions for businesses. We also provide outsourced IT support for the Silicon Valley and also provide co-managed IT support for small businesses. 

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