As usual, [your tech] rocks!

Timo G. National Windows and Doors Company

[Your tech's] service was great as always!

Rick S. National Windows and Doors Company

Love [your tech]! Very knowledgeable, helpful and fast!

Donna D. Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company

[Your tech] was terrific

Karla B. Professional Liability Specialist

I have never had a bad experience with the IT department. [Your tech] and [your tech] are the BEST. Thanks for all you do because I know technology is not my friend sometimes! 🙂

Penny F. Home Hospice Care Company

As [your tech] always is, very helpful and efficient as well as friendly.

Jennifer G. Home Hospice Care Company

Always wonderful and fast response time is super appreciated!

Kathryn B. Health Care Services Company

As always my issue was handled promptly and professional. [Your tech] is always a pleasure to work with.

Marsha M. Health Care Services Company

I will rate you 5 every time! [Your tech], [your tech] and [your tech] are ALWAYS so helpful! It tops it off that they are friendly🤗

Joy D. Home Hospice Care Company

[Your tech] did a great job as usual.

Emilio S. Building Maintainence Company

[Your tech] is great and always response quickly.

Candace M. Marketing for Homebuilders

[Your tech] is always pleasant to work with.

Megan B. Health and Home Care Company

[Your tech] was so awesome - he helped me through an immediate issue in addition to resolving some other issues I was having. So glad they are our IT service.

Karen P. Electrical and Solar Power Company

[Your tech] is amazing and always willing to help, I appreciate him!

Veronica R. Home Hospice Care Company

[Your tech] is always on top of any of our requests. He's incredibly responsive and thorough...

Mark H. Health Care Services Company

[Your tech] is the best!! As always

Ryan T. Wholesale Seafood Company

[Your tech] is always prompt and courteous when helping with issues.

Teresa G. Home Hospice Care Company

[Your tech] was available when we called and jumped right on it!

Marc G. Plumbing and Services Company
[Your Tech] is always so helpful!
Melissa G. Health Care Services Company

[Your tech] always makes everything so painless and easy for us, we truly appreciate the support!

Jessica B. Health Care Services Company
Glad to know that IT Total Care's service is still as good as ever.
Thank you
Rick D. Custom Ink Manufactuer

Fast response times!

[Your tech] is awesome! He promptly respond and assist us every time we need assistance.
Rachel R. Home Hospice Care Company

The best customer satisfaction!

Susie W. Multi-location Italian Restaurants Company

Every time doesn't matter who it is, they are very helpful and all have awesome attitudes.


Eric D. National Windows and Doors Company

Your tech people are rock stars...they always solve the issue...

P.S. glad you are contributing to girls who code....shows excellent character

Ann P. Networks and Communications Company

I very much appreciate the professionalism and the support I receive from IT Total Care. [your support engineer] is always very helpful and provides timely resolution. I wish more companies were as customer focused as IT Total Care. Thank you.

Terri C. Health Care Services Company

Yes [your tech] was awesome a life saver! Made my work so much easier by helping me with the PDF

Melissa C. Surgical Services Company

We are extremely happy! Fantastic, competent and knowledgeable service!

Hubert G. Consulting and M & A Company

Dear Tony,

I hope your new year is starting off well.

I just wanted to let you know that AnaSpec is very pleased with [your tech's] services. He has fixed many issues for us and the employees are so much happier, thus making my job easier. Just wanted to recognize [your tech] for his contributions and let you know.

Thank you so much again!

Kind regards,

Terry-Anne A. BioTech Company

Thank you for the invoice. I will get payment out. Also just wanted to let you know [the support engineer] you sent out here was great! He was very nice as well.

Richard M. Flooring Company

[Your support engineer] was a huge help -- both on the phone and here in our office! I am very pleased with the service provided by IT Total Care!! Every issue I have had has been resolved effortlessly and professionally!!!

Josh C. National Windows and Doors Company

Thanks for coming out on the same day to get our issue taken care of!

Sharon M. Health Care Services Company

Your support engineer was able to remote in on all three machines and resolve both issues very quickly.

Marc G. Plumbing and Services Company

Thanks to your support engineer, I was able to start a project I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

Rick S. National Windows and Doors Company

Always a pleasure to work with the IT Total Care team!

Amy H. National Windows and Doors Company

As always the work was completed without issue.  [Your tech support engineer] is a very diligent and a true professional.

Jennifer W. Goldsmith and Jewlery Company

Work life is so much better having IT Total Care available to me. Before computer problems made me want to pull my hair!

I can always get immediate help when I am having computer issues, and they don’t make me feel stupid when it’s a simple fix. They can get on my computer remotely and fix the problems instead of trying to walk me through it.

Debbie F. Marketing for Homebuilders

I have to say, you are a fantastic partner for our business! Every interaction I’ve had with you has ended with a great solution. Thank you so much for being innovative and helpful.

Customer Healthcare Services

IT Total Care was fast and forgiving for dealing with my internet going down, or holding for me to deal with my questions from my staff. Quick and painless.

Customer Healthcare Services

I was concerned about an off-site IT service but so far it's great! IT Total Care is very helpful and always done a great job in the right amount of time.

AnnMarie P. Marketing for Homebuilders

My company initially decided to install a VoIP line so that we could better communicate with other business when conducting transactions. However, setting up a system without an IT department was somewhat foolish, so we contacted IT Total Care for an RFP. They proposed a very practical solution to our issue. Moreover, it was quite economical compared to our initial idea of how much it would cost. After a quick installation we were up and running efficiently.

Stephen M. Asset Management Company

Initially IT Total Care took care of my servers since I don’t currently have an IT technician and they’ve done a good job of it. However, what really made them shine was when I consulted them to install VoIP in my establishment. After the installation, my VoIP worked like a charm and there were no hiccups to it. So if you have an IT problem you consult these guys, they really know what they’re doing and they don’t waste time.

Nelson T. Retail Self-service Company

IT can be very useful for businesses, and ours was no different. We decide that we wanted IT Total Care to help us with our IT needed. From setting up a VoIP system, to ensure our security was tight and even managing our IT infrastructures, they have been very handy in setting up and maintaining all things IT-related.

Gary S. Health Care Services Company

IT Total Care is wonderful.

Cindy T. National Windows and Doors Company

[Your tech] is the best !!

Ryan T. Wholesale Seafood Company

Overall, the service was more than excellent.

Ruth A. Landscape Company

(your tech) was great… he is a keeper.

Bob B. Independent Fiduciary Advisory Firm

Thanks … for your help!

Mary B. Building Maintainence Company

“My experiences have consistently been that your team responds to issues at a lightning fast rate. They are super pleasant and follow up on everything. Thank you,”

Janice D. Financial Consultant

(Your Tech) is an absolute lifesaver!

He had kept Michael and I informed about the status of Outlook to make sure it is now functioning at … back to normal status. We really appreciated his help!

He has taken the lead to help me with this request when I'm swamped with other non IT-related tasks, it was greatly appreciated!

He was efficient and was able to install (the software) in a short amount of time.

He was great, he has stayed on line with me while I ensured the software (that needed IE9) has working before closing out the ticket.

Prompt, thorough and courteous service!

Tony, you have provided us with superb and thorough service, thank you so much for making a personal visit to our office to fix the printer issue

Sherry C. Financial Advising Company

Your Team Rocks!

Your Team Rocks. Thanks to (your tech) for the quick response and getting me up and running as soon as he did.

Mike D. Custom Signage Company

Extraordinary job!

Every time I called the representative for technical support, he always get it done no matter. Great customer service and very patience.

If there is a rating of 10, I would rate 10. Technician was very helpful and patience. He also gets the job done right away.

Edward D. Custom Ink Manufactuer

(Your tech) is THE BEST EVER.

Neal D. Capital Investment Firm

Even when we called in for help on this issue during lunch time, your team was able to respond quickly. Thank you!

Rick D. Custom Ink Manufactuer

If I could rate the timeliness of the resolution higher I would. The service has been excellent!

Carlene D. Custom Plastic Injection Molding Company

Love working with your team.

Molly H. Skin Care and Laser Treatment Facility

…excellent service and execution of plan.

Charles L. Plastic Surgery Corporation

I gave you 5 of 5 stars on a Google review too!!!

Ross M. Self Help Divorce Facility

Great turnaround and explanation. Offered to come within the hour to help me - great service.

Dan N. Asset Management Company

(Your tech) was extremely professional. He arrived on time, explained what he was doing (in plain English) and completed his work in a timely way. It was a pleasure to meet him in person!

Mary O. Food Distributor

(Your tech) was a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much for my "stress free" day.

Sally P. Food Distributor

(Your tech) is always very patient and extremely helpful.

Maria R. Venture Firm

I simply cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the results!

Dear Tony, I am really glad (your team)… work on my system. This has been an ongoing problem for 6 months. We had ""other guys"" try to correct it and it seems like every time they ""fixed"" it, it got worse.

(Your tech) did it in a single morning. He began by asking me to describe all of the problems I was having and then to tell him everything I wanted him to accomplish for me. He was focused on the task and communicated with me constantly during the process.

He then called me this morning to make sure everything was still working and that I was happy. I simply cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the results. …you have a very valuable member of your team representing your company. Thanks very much.

Mike R. International Imports & Exports Broker

(your team) does a fabulous job of putting up with my whining...that in itself is a feat accomplished by few.

Julie S. Custom Signage Company

(Your tech) was great! Thanks Tony!

Kraig V. Legal Services

Tony and his team are worth every penny. Great, quick service.

Joan S. Physician Facility

Fabulous job! Resolved within 10 minutes of [your tech] hooking up to our network.

Angela O. Civil Engineering Company