Is your wireless network not performing the way your business needs it to? Do you have interference, dropouts, poor throughput, and connection issues? Or are you just after peace of mind and reassurance that your wireless network is operating at its highest level?

If so, push the Wi-Fi needle to the green zone

WLAN Health Check Survey | New Network Wireless Survey | Post-Installation Wi-Fi Survey | Outdoor Wireless Survey

WLAN Health Check Survey

What is it? An IT Total Care Wireless Network Assessment identifies weak wireless spots and security concerns in your wireless environment. By testing broadcast frequencies, access point placement, and signal strengths, a wireless network assessment determines channel conflicts, electromagnetic interference, and congestion from municipal Wi-Fi or neighboring Wi-Fi networks.

How does it work? IT Total Care conducts an electronic walk-through at your environment, making passive and active assessments. For small businesses, the team can complete the test in a couple of hours, and at larger campus environments the tests can run to two or three days. We collect the wireless test data and create a detailed report that identifies the different risks and describes remediation solutions. The customized report is presented to you, walking you through the findings and suggestions.

What’s in it for you? All businesses have wireless networks, and more than 95 percent of them have performance or security flaws. Wireless is pervasive, and your wireless infrastructure likely affects all aspects of your technology – including cloud, mobile and security - so the test and follow-up report are a simplified way to help you understand your wireless environment. The report helps make sure that you are getting everything you need from your wireless network.

“Every wireless network assessment we’ve done has unveiled substantive flaws at the client’s site. We always find problems in the network, and this leads to new business, and give clients a sense of trust with us,” says Tony Moraros, director of professional services at IT Total Care, Inc..

How can I get started? The startup process is simple from start to finish. Contact us and share basic information about your wireless environment. Our professional service team will then create a statement of work in a couple of hours, and be on your site within a few working days.

“We know time is of the essence in today’s business environments,” says Moraros. Why take the chance of failing with a Wi-Fi network before starting? Call the wireless experts who deliver every expectation of a wireless network solution.”

If you would like more information about a WLAN Health Check survey, then please give us call or use the contact us page.

“Our office was struggling with the performance and reliability of our Wi-Fi infrastructure until we were referred to IT Total Care, Inc. for assistance. The team at IT Total Care was able to quickly survey our office, diagnose our Wi-Fi problems, communicate their recommendations, and remediate our issues.

“They went about their work in a professional manner and were always in communication with us about their progress. With their help we are now enhancing our network security, and laying the foundation for scaling our wireless infrastructure to handle the growth in wireless devices. I couldn’t be more pleased with the team at IT Total Care and their service.”

Marsha McDaniel,
Office Administrator
at Emergence Capital Partners, San Mateo, CA

New Network Wireless Survey

Conducting a wireless survey is essential to correctly implementing a Wi-Fi network with 99.999% availability. Too many Wi-Fi networks simply do not work as intended, or underperform. Conducting a professional wireless site survey will save a business both time and money in the long term.

Using the latest industry tools and techniques to map out wireless radio frequency coverage of an intended area, we provide clients with complete documentation on all aspects of the survey. Only after a professionally conducted wireless survey will customers be equipped to create a fully scalable and secure wireless network.

If you would like more information about a New Network Wireless Survey, then please give us a call or use the contact us page.

Post-Installation Wi-Fi Survey

Performing a Post-Installation Wi-Fi Survey is the ONLY way to prove that the wireless design meets with your requirements. If your wireless network supplier did not perform a post-installation verification survey for you, then you do not know if you received what you paid for.

An IT Total Care Wi-Fi Survey will clearly show you the Wi-Fi coverage of each wireless access point, allowing you to see that wireless coverage has been provided in the areas that you requested.

Performing a Post-Installation Survey is part of IT Total Care’s four steps to a successful wireless network deployment:

Survey - Design - Implement - Survey

Performing a Wireless Survey on either an existing or new wireless network is a great way to baseline your wireless performance. Why? Simply put, the environment in which your wireless network exists is forever changing.

If you would like more information about a Post Installation Wi-Fi Survey, then please give us call or use the contact us page.

Outdoor Wireless Survey

Outdoor wireless networks are much harder to design for, so performing a survey is crucial. Our outdoor survey engineers have the capacity to cover large outdoor areas and to design a network of any size. There are several types of Outdoor Wireless Surveys: Point to Point, Point to MultiPoint, Mesh and WLAN. Each type of survey requires a particular skill set, equipment, and a complete understanding of how Wi-Fi performs in an outdoor environment.

If you would like more information about an Outdoor Wireless Survey, then please give us call or use the contact us page.